1912 Collection Boot Bag

$450.00 USD

Item Description

From tack room to showgrounds, the 1912 Boot Bag from Schulz Collection will stand in waiting throughout all your equine endeavors. This carrier opens entirely, so you’ll never have to wrestle your boots in and out again. The base insert measures 33cm for shoe size and fits boots as tall as 60cm (from bottom of heel to top of boot).


Included: Anesi, our beautiful padded leather shoulder strap to ease the carry

 -Full-zip opening for easy access
 -Molded leather base for structured and reinforced silhouette
 -Zippered pocket with key clip for personal items
 -Vent lid for heat and moisture
 -Padded inside divider to keep boots safe and scuff-free
 -Removable base for easy cleaning
 -Ring hooks for shoulder straps
 -Patent-pending Metis dock system to attach helmet bag to boot bag
 -Padded handles for a comfortable carry
Water-resistant zippers
100% recycled polyester for durability and ease of cleaning.  Leather Accents: LWG Gold Rated soft-polish leather. Vegetable-tanned and waterproofed with natural oils and waxes.



Exterior: brush off dirt and barn debris. Periodically and regularly apply boot prep. Interior: Remove base. Shake out interior and rinse as needed.

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