Clare Haggas George & Friends Wool/Silk Wrap - Magenta

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Item Description

These delightful new pieces are made from the finest Wool / Silk blend of 60% Wool and 40% silk and are beautifully soft and feminine, carrying my trademark art in a powerful way.

Magenta is so transitional throughout the seasons, making it perfect for dreamy summer nights, or layered on frosty mornings to keep you warm and snuggly. Pair this powerful tone with black, white or even navy, in fact there aren’t many colours it won’t look good with as the pheasants are full of a myriad of colours so you can literally pick one out and pair it with that.

And in this new size, this magenta wrap just screams elegance and sophistication. Either draped loosely, or tied like a Pashmina, folded in half and looped through the ends this scarf look incredible. Or there is enough sumptuous fabric to wrap around twice and tie at the front. Just simply elegant however you decide to wear it.

200cm x 65cm

Made in England

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