Kentucky Three Day Event Giveaway 2022

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This package is only available as a Giveaway at event.  Helmet and Schulz Collection can be purchased separately.

Hound & Hare will host a free drawing for a UVEX Perfexxion II helmet signed by the 2020 USEA Rider of the Year, Liz Halliday-Sharp in addition to a new Schulz 1912 Collection helmet bag and boot bag. Anyone can enter the drawing simply by stopping by the Hound & Hare booth #17 to register. The drawing for the prize package will take place on the event’s final day, Sunday, May 1.

The Uvex Perfexxion II is the perfect combination of sportiness, climate control and safety. The Uvex product developers and designers put their entire expertise into the development of this riding helmet: one of the safety-relevant innovations is the outer shell, which has been extended on the back of the head. A cut-out for the ponytail makes for a comfortable fit. With this helmet, innovation becomes visible: due to its new and slimmer shape, the Uvex Perfexxion II is even more lightweight than its predecessor and perfectly adapted to meet the demands of active riding in terms of ergonomics.  This riding helmet provides a lightweight and comprehensive protection that is unprecedented. 

The Uvex pentagon dynamic ventilation combines an innovative design with optimal climate regulation.  Multiple air channels in combination with the innovative honeycomb structure provides significant air exchange, making this helmet extremely breathable and comfortable to wear, even in the heat.  The wearing comfort is supported by the interior as well: washable pads made from a soft-touch material and memory foam as well as the 3D-IAS size adjustment guarantee a perfect fit on every head at all times.  With the new Uvex Perfexxion II, riders are bound to forget they are wearing a helmet at all.  Made in Germany.

The 1912 Helmet and Boot Bag from Schulz prioritizes intuitive design, durability, and longevity. Like horse and rider, these bags are designed to become one. Our Metis docking system is engineered to easily attach the Helmet Bag to the Boot Bag in one simple motion, remaining securely connected until you detach it at your final location. The Shoulder Strap allows you to throw them over your shoulder for comfortable and effortless transport. 

A full-zip back panel grants you access your boots without any fuss, while a reinforced silhouette keeps them protected. The Boot Bag also includes a padded divider, ventilation lid to air out sweaty boots, and removable base tray for easy cleaning. The Helmet Bag cradles your helmet perfectly, so just grab it by the chinstrap when you are ready to ride. When you are not in the saddle, the padded base with a magnetized U-shape support keeps your gear safe. The interior of the Helmet Bag lid is lined with a double pocket to hold your gloves and personal items. 

And when your bags get dirty (as they should), just hose them down for a quick clean! Made with 100% recycled polyester, LWG Gold Rated leather waterproofed with natural oils and waxes, and water-resistant zippers - The 1912 Collection is here to make your routine a little bit better. 


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