The Heeled Regina (Taupe) - Suede Boot

$555.00 USD

Item Description


The Heeled Regina features a 5cm elasticated stretch panel to achieve the perfect tailored fit. A memory foam insole compliments a leather/rubber composite sole for improved longevity and ultimate comfort. Dressed up or down, the Heeled Regina is a true Fairfax & Favor signature to suit any occasion. The Heeled Regina is available in suede or leather, with or without a 6cm Cuban heel.


Full lined leather interior
Composite leather & rubber sole
Memory foam comfort insole
Interchangeable tassels
Scalloped edging

We recommend treating all our materials with the right care products for improved longevity and enjoyment. Please select the material below to see our cleaning, maintenance and storage recommendations, as well as recommended care products. Finally, it's best to store long boots with boot trees to help maintain their original shape.

Treat regularly with either Suede & Nubuck Protector or Liquiproof Premium Protector depending on use and wear. Whilst the boots can be treated immediately, they should be treated at least once a month with Suede & Nubuck Protector, or, if using Liquiproof Premium Protector, every couple of months (with both decreasing if wearing regularly). Spray the Suede & Nubuck Protector lightly over the suede from at least a foot away, using sparingly, and leave to prove for an hour. If using Liquiproof Premium Protector, use sparingly, apply section by section, brushing in with a soft brush until the suede has been covered as desired.
Remove dried dirt or marked fibres using a soft suede brush, brushing in the direction of suede. If further cleaning is required, Liquiproof Eco Cleaner can be used on light marks – diluting heavily in warm water. If the boots get wet with water, leave to dry naturally and brush. If other liquids land on the suede, soak up immediately and then wipe over with a lightly damp neutral coloured microfibre cloth. Please note: not machine washable.
Store away from heat, damp, and direct sunlight. For Mid-Calf and Tall Boots, we recommend purchasing Boot Trees to fill out the calf, help maintain their original shape and avoid creasing at the ankle. Where possible, store in their dustbags and the blue box provided for additional protection.

 Size & Fit
US Size EU Size Calf Width (cm) Height Heel to Knee (cm)
5 36 34.5 40.5
6 37 35 42
7 38 35.5 42
8 39 36 42.5
9 40 36.5 42.5
9.5 41 38 43
10 42 38.5 43.5
11 43 39 44



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