About Hound & Hare

The dream started with a faded photograph, a love for the sporting heritage, and a determination to make "someday, " today.

Hound & Hare was created for those who are enamored by a life spent out of doors.

An old, faded photograph shows a picture of Hound & Hare Founder, Eric Nicholas, ten years old, holding a beagle puppy named Rusty. Together, Eric and Rusty hunted many of the fields close to his old Kentucky home where he was born and raised. With a single barrel 16 gauge shotgun in hand and a beagle hound at his feet, Eric fell in love with the sport of hunting and the old guns that they carried in search of small game. Unsurprisingly, the idyllic dreams dotted with hounds and hares followed young Eric into adulthood.

Many years later, the Hound & Hare name began to grace the back of Eric’s homemade note cards. He included descriptions of old double and over-under shotguns, which he had photographed and pictured on the front. He knew he wanted to create something that showcased his love of country sport, something that he could share with others. As with most dreams, however, Eric always said, “Someday.”

In 2014, Eric reached a turning point in his life. Sadly, his father and long-time hunting partner and mentor, Dempsey, passed away from ALS. After the loss of his dad, Eric felt that “someday” had arrived, and it was time to make a change. After 17 years in corporate America, he left his job to follow his dreams of developing a company that would allow him to share his passion for fine guns, quality accessories for the field, and clothing that reflected the sporting life. He also wanted to incorporate memories from a life filled with domestic and international travel that he and his wife Amy, his childhood sweetheart, had shared.

Hound & Hare officially launched in 2017 and strives to provide products that have been designed and produced by craftsman who share a commitment for supreme quality and innovation. These craftsman respect the sporting heritage and traditions that influence the design and the selection of materials to create products that will last a lifetime. Eric and Amy know the value of and admire the products that become family heirlooms and are passed down from generation to generation. These values are reflected in the apparel and accessories Hound & Hare has curated and in their clothing designs. It is the hope of Hound & Hare that these items will remind you of a trip taken, a vacation planned, and will inspire you to travel often, spend more time in the field, and extend that ride with your horse a bit longer. Eric and Amy encourage you to live a more passionate and purposeful life by following your own dreams. 

Ultimately, it is the mission of Hound & Hare to provide luxurious British yet uniquely American apparel and accessories that have been handcrafted to meet the needs of men and women who are pursuing a purposeful life of adventure in the field and at home. Hound & Hare represents the country life, the sporting life, a way of life where the love of animals and nature is intertwined.