Clare Haggas Heads or Tails - Toffee


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Item Description

My 153x43cm Classic style twill silk scarves are so easy to wear and are the perfect accessory for all of my ladies no matter what age group they are in. They just seem to be more and more popular each year. You can tie them in so many ways, whether it’s with them simply draped, worn loosely with a scarf ring, or tied in a bow. The possibilities are endless and with these new exciting colours I know you will all be so excited to add them to your collections.

After the incredible sell out success of Best in Show in this classic colour, it was a given that I would include it in this collection. I love the way the shimmering beiges and light camel tones run through the design, making it one of the most elegant colours in the collection. It screams sophistication and this tone doesn’t drain you, or is hard to wear as some similar caramel colours do. When combined with the loud and joyous oranges, purples and reds of the game birds the Toffee looks simply exquisite.

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