Front Loader Cartridge Bag


Item Description

Handmade in England Based on the Classic Collection Cartridge Bag, the Classic Collection Front Loader’s Cartridge Bag incorporates two rows of hand rolled loops to house five pairs of cartridges in the top row and a further four pairs in the bottom row, designed for quick and easy access.

Size: 150 

Please Note: The leather used to make this product is a natural full grain, double-oiled pull up leather. This type of leather is pumped full of natural oils during the tanning process, which prevents it from becoming dry and brittle over the years and increases the longevity of the product. When this type of leather comes into contact with water, there will be a reaction between the water and the oil content within the leather. This will result in a temporary lightening of the leather. This is a normal and natural occurrence and when dried naturally, the leather will return back to its original shade.

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