Hound & Hare Double Barrel Bottle Tote - Harness Leather


Item Description

The Double Barrel Bottle Tote by Kingfisher Leatherworks provides a protective, convenient, and eye-catching way to carry any two standard size bottles of wine, whisky, water, or other libation.  Take a bottle of red and white wine or fill one side with charcuterie for a picnic. Tailgates, dinner parties, picnics, and beach trips are all in the wheelhouse of this versatile tote. Handcrafted by American artisans with the highest grade of U.S. tanned harness leather, it is built to endure for generations. The gold imprint of the Hound & Hare logo is right at home in the field, racetrack or tailgating at a steeplechase event.

Hound & Hare Bottle Tote

  • Sturdy rounded picnic style handle
  • Easy access to bottles
  • Stands easily on its own
  • Heavy copper hardware
  • Protective

Kingfisher Leatherworks, a sporting company at heart, was founded on a love of the land, water, and wildlife. In a world where “green” means recyclable, renewable, or compostable, we operate on a core principle that guides us to a different approach. For us, the way forward is to craft products of superior quality and functionality which endure for generations. In this way, our products never enter into a cycle of waste. We call this central principal “Conservation Through Craftsmanship”. To achieve this, Kingfisher products are meticulously designed and crafted by skilled American artisans with the finest U.S. tanned, full-grain leathers. As a finishing touch, each product is embossed with the craftsman’s personal initials and the Kingfisher emblem. The results are timeless accessories that will display the patina of a life well lived, and are
made to serve not only you, but also your heirs to come.  

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