Clare Haggas Game Bird Twillie - Toffee/Navy

$120.00 USD

This item is currently out of stock. We hope to have more in the coming days.

Item Description

This colour option is a combination of classic navy on one side, and chic toffee on the other. This stunning combination is simply exquisite, and I believe will be in your wardrobe forever as it will never date.

Perfect for adding that touch of glamour to your work outfit by tying to your handbag in the day, and then after hours wearing it as a scarf I order to glam up your work clothes in the evening.

You couldn’t get a more versatile combination. Honestly the options are endless and with these two colours it will also never date so can be cherished forever, that is of your daughter doesn’t steal it first!

“Twillie”, or Ribbon Scarves are possibly the most versatile and easy to wear design on the market. I have now incorporated them into my portfolio in order to offer my customers another timeless and exquisite piece, which can go with almost anything in your wardrobe and will never date.

As you know Game birds are my signature piece of art that I am well known for. Therefore it would have been wrong to launch my twillies without these magnificent birds featuring heavily.

I have made my twillies longer than other brands so they can be worn in many more ways and used for many more things than just as a scarf. This unique style means that when worn as a scarf they are perfect tied as a bow, wrapped around your neck twice or, simply hanging loose with a shirt or under the lapels of a jacket. My designs are also reversible, so we have three designs but offering you six colors, so there are so many other colors you can combine them with and still look incredibly stylish.

I would wear my twillies in the following ways:

  • Tied in my hair
  • As a wrist band or bracelet
  • On my handbag as a glamourous accessory
  • A stylish belt on jeans
  • With my fedora or straw hat as a hat band
  • A headscarf or headband

This color option is a combination of regal and powerful Royal red on one side and Classic gold on the other. I wanted to offer you the choice of adding a significant pop of color to your outfit with the vibrant tones of the red, or playing it slightly safer with the timeless addition of gold.

You can also tie it cleverly so both colors are on show. Both shades bring out the earthy tones of tweed but also look amazing with a crisp white shirt with jeans, or a suit.



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