Grouse Misconduct - Chocolate & Teal

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Item Description

Grouse Misconduct - Chocolate & Teal

Introducing 'Grouse Misconduct' - the new Silk Scarf Collection by Clare Haggas – a rebellious homage to English heritage, shooting, and the captivating red grouse.

Embrace the allure of tradition and audacity with these scarves. Channelling the spirit of the Glorious Twelfth, each design radiates the energy of the shooting season's start. Clare Haggas' original artwork vividly portrays the regal red grouse, capturing the rugged beauty of the moors.

Celebrate your boldness and heritage draped in the 'Grouse Misconduct' in Aubergine & Gold in the Classic size is the perfect accessory to redefine your style, all the while honoring English shooting traditions and the untamed moors.

Composition and Care

Each of my pieces are hand made from the finest natural fabric and made entirely in England.

Silk is a very porous fabric so please do not expose any of my accessories to severe elements, or wear in wet hair. This can cause the original artwork to discolour and affect the quality of your piece, resulting in irreversible damage.

If you need to clean your beautiful accessories please dry clean only.

Classic size 153x43cm

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