Hound & Hare Physician's Weekender - Kingfisher Leatherworks

$900.00 USD

Item Description

Kingfisher leatherworks - There are many still living today who remember the all-hour visits of the local Physician toting his doctor’s bag as he made house calls around the county. Though the days of the travelling Doctor have all but passed, my father who is a Physician always bugged me about making one for use as a weekend bag. After years of studying the old designs, I finally put my pages of notes and sketches to use and the result is the Kingfisher Physician's Weekender.

Designed to be the successor of the classic doctor's bag, the Physician's Weekender keeps the same style and purpose but adds a longer lasting Kingfisher closure system, American tanned Harness Leather construction, hammered seams, cleats, stainless hardware, copper rivets and drop handles. Two full width end pockets for cords and small objects are handy in the large compartment which has enough space for a pair of shoes, two or three sets of clothes, toiletries and undergarments. Its meant for use on one to ten day trips on its own or as a carry-on to supplement a checked bag for longer stays. Our bags are made without a cloth lining that will catch stains and smells over time, instead our baseplate and pockets are made from the same leather as the exterior for a truly all-leather product. Though it carries itself with aristocracy, it is crafted with enough “Rugged Regality” to be used daily for its original purpose as a Doctor's bag. My original design draws on historical style, and elements from banker's and doctor’s bags to create classic lines that are masculine in form but have enough poise to look equally striking when carried by a woman. Designed for generations of use and made in America from select, full grain harness leather tanned in the USA. 


  • The Finest Full Grain Leather, Veg. Tanned in the USA
  • Stainless Buckle
  • Copper Rivets
  • Cleats to reduce long term wear
  • One piece drop handles
  • Gusseted interior pockets
  • Kingfisher Closure System
  • Hammer Set Stitches
  • 18"L by 9"W by 13"T
  • Handmade In The USA

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