Liquiproof Premium Protector

$25.00 USD

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Item Description

Protect your Fairfax & Favor items from rain, stains and spills with the Liquiproof LABS Premium Protector.

The long-lasting spray creates an invisible barrier on fabric which repels liquids, mud, dirt and spills, as well as preventing stains from water, alcohol and oils.

Made with all-natural ingredients and a water-based formula, the protector won’t change the look, feel or smell of your items making it safe to use on all absorbent fabrics.

The protector works brilliantly as a shoe protector but is also perfect as a handbag protector - making it the perfect choice for your favorite shoes, boots and bags.

Spray it onto your product section by section, dusting lightly and brushing in with a soft brush before moving onto the next area. Leave for an hour to dry and prove before use.

125 ml Bottle

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